Report Date: 2024-Feb-27
Expired/Denied/Withdrawn/ Revoked Applications

InstitutionSubmissionStatusEffective Date
Acsenda School of Management
Masters in ManagementDenied2022-Mar-31
Acsenda School of Management - Vancouver (Sprott-Shaw Degree College Corp.)
BBA, Majors in Accounting and International Business ManagementExpired2014-Sep-05
Bachelor of Business Administration with ConcentrationsRevoked2015-Dec-29
Bachelor of Hospitality ManagementRevoked2015-Dec-29
Bachelor of Hospitality in Travel/Tourism ManagementWithdrawn2010-Jan-05
Adler University
Doctor of Clinical Psychology (Psy.D.)Withdrawn2010-Oct-21
Master of Arts in Counselling PsychologyExpired2011-Nov-13
Master of Organizational PsychologyExpired2019-Jun-11
Master of Public Policy and AdministrationExpired2021-Aug-18
Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, DNMWithdrawn2020-Dec-18
Brighton College
Bachelor of Construction ManagementWithdrawn2023-Jan-23
Camosun College
Application Qualified for Expedited ReviewDenied2019-Aug-27
Canterbury Christ Church University
Application to use the word "University"Withdrawn2020-Apr-06
MSc in International Cybercrime AnalysisWithdrawn2020-Apr-06
Capilano University
Bachelor of Arts with a Major in EnglishWithdrawn2019-Nov-14
Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Writing & LiteratureWithdrawn2022-Mar-02
Bachelor of CostumingWithdrawn2022-Nov-15
Bachelor of Science with a Major in Life SciencesWithdrawn2021-Sep-16
City University of Seattle
Master of Education Leadership in Education Denied2021-Sep-14
Master's in Business AdministrationWithdrawn2021-Mar-01
Masters in Business AdministrationExpired2008-Dec-31
Columbia College
Associate of ArtsExpired2019-Aug-12
Associate of Arts DegreeExpired2019-Aug-12
Associate of ScienceExpired2019-Aug-12
Associate of Science DegreeExpired2019-Aug-12
Columbia College Ltd
Associate of Arts DegreeExpired2022-Nov-09
Associate of Science DegreeExpired2022-Nov-09
Dorset College
Associate of Arts DegreeDenied2017-Jan-11
Fairleigh Dickinson University
Master of Science in Computer ScienceDenied2018-Dec-13
Gonzaga University
Master of Arts in Teaching: Teaching At Risk StudentsExpired2007-Apr-11
Master of Education in Educational LeadershipExpired2021-Aug-18
Kutenai Art Therapy Institute
Applied Masters in Art Therapy (MAAT)Withdrawn2009-Jul-14
Master of Arts in Art TherapyDenied2022-Jul-05
Kwantlen Polytechnic University
Bachelor of Arts (Minor in Education)Withdrawn2013-May-14
Bachelor of Arts, Major in Human ServicesDenied2017-Sep-12
Bachelor of Business Administration in CommunicationsWithdrawn2016-Mar-30
Bachelor of General StudiesWithdrawn2020-Mar-10
Bachelor of NursingWithdrawn2012-Jul-30
LaSalle College International
Bachelor of Applied Arts in Fashion BusinessDenied2014-Dec-05
Bachelor of Applied Arts in Fashion DesignWithdrawn2015-Jan-26
Bachelor of Applied Arts in Interior DesignDenied2014-Dec-05
LaSalle College Vancouver (formerly the Art Institute of Vancouver)
Bachelor of Applied Design in Fashion DesignWithdrawn2011-Nov-30
Bachelor of Applied Design in Web DesignExpired2014-Dec-03
Bachelor of Arts in Fashion MarketingWithdrawn2013-Mar-05
Bachelor of Arts in Media Arts & AnimationWithdrawn2016-Mar-21
Bachelor of Business Administration in Hospitality Operations ManagementWithdrawn2022-Nov-15
Bachelor of Design in Fashion DesignDenied2016-Jul-25
Lawrence Technological University
Application to use the word "University"Expired2010-Sep-01
Master of Business AdministrationExpired2010-Sep-01
New York Institute of Technology
MBA with Concentrations (Finance) and (Tourism)Expired2017-Mar-16
Masters of Science in Instructional TechnologyDenied2021-Sep-14
Masters of Science in Occupational TherapyWithdrawn2017-May-25
Northeastern University
Master of Science in Project ManagementExpired2020-Dec-18
Oklahoma City University
Application to use the word "University"Expired2010-Jun-03
Master of Business AdministrationExpired2010-Jun-03
PCU College of Holistic Medicine
Bachelor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, in AcupunctureWithdrawn2013-Aug-22
Quest University Canada
Associate of ArtsWithdrawn2023-Apr-13
Royal Canadian College
Associate of Arts DegreeWithdrawn2012-Jul-03
Royal Roads University
Master of Science in ManagementWithdrawn2020-Oct-09
SSC School of Nursing
Schofield College
Associate of Arts, Schofield CollegeWithdrawn2021-Sep-21
Simon Fraser University
BA in Cinema StudiesDenied2013-Apr-12
Master in ManagementWithdrawn2021-Mar-30
Master in ManagementWithdrawn2022-Sep-09
Master of Engineering in Mechatronic Product RealizationWithdrawn2020-Feb-12
Sprott-Shaw Community College
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)Expired2004-Nov-12
Strong Education Ltd.
Bachelor of CommerceDenied2013-Nov-18
Bachelor of CommerceDenied2018-Feb-21
Master of Business Administration (MBA)Denied2013-Nov-18
Thompson Rivers University
Bachelor of Building ScienceWithdrawn2018-Jan-02
Master of Social WorkWithdrawn2015-Sep-18
Minor in Digital Media Studies Withdrawn2020-Oct-05
Minor in International Professional CommunicationWithdrawn2020-Oct-05
Minor in Professional Communication - Open Learning (OL)Withdrawn2020-Oct-05
Minor in Public RelationsWithdrawn2020-Oct-05
Minor in Public Relations - Open Learning (OL)Withdrawn2020-Oct-05
Trinity Western University
Bachelor of Arts in Canadian StudiesExpired2011-Aug-26
Juris DoctorRevoked2015-Oct-06
Master of Arts in Marriage and Family TherapyWithdrawn2020-Jan-21
PhD in Religious StudiesWithdrawn2013-Oct-09
University Canada West (UCW)
BA (Psychology)Withdrawn2010-Apr-27
BCom (Technology Management)Withdrawn2009-Aug-04
Bachelor of Arts (Economics)Expired2009-Mar-25
Bachelor of Arts in Culture, Heritage and TourismExpired2009-Mar-25
Bachelor of Arts in GeographyExpired2009-Mar-25
Bachelor of Fine ArtsWithdrawn2008-Nov-21
JD (LLB)Withdrawn2012-Mar-08
Master of Education (Educational Leadership)Withdrawn2014-Jan-09
Master of EntrepreneurshipDenied2022-Mar-31
Master of Global Governance and AdvocacyDenied2022-Mar-31
Master of Global MarketingWithdrawn2019-Sep-20
Master of MarketingWithdrawn2021-Nov-15
University of British Columbia
Doctor of Education in Reading EducationDenied2017-Mar-16
Doctor of Philosophy in Genetic and Genomic CounsellingWithdrawn2022-Oct-27
Master of Pharmacy LeadershipWithdrawn2022-Oct-27
Master of Urban Forestry LeadershipDenied2019-Sep-05
University of British Columbia, Okanagan Campus
B.A. Intercultural Communication through World LiteraturesWithdrawn2024-Jan-25
B.A. in World Literatures and Intercultural Communication (Major and Minor)Withdrawn2021-Oct-07
Doctor of Philosophy in Health and Exercise SciencesDenied2017-Sep-12
Master of Arts in Health and Exercise SciencesWithdrawn2016-Oct-18
University of Northern BC
Application Qualified for Expedited ReviewWithdrawn2012-Jan-10
University of Oregon
Application to use the word "University"Expired2016-Oct-27
Master of Education in Educational LeadershipExpired2016-Oct-27
University of Phoenix
Application to use the word "University"Expired2011-Jan-14
Bachelor of Science in BusinessExpired2011-Jan-14
Master of Arts in EducationExpired2011-Jan-14
Master of Business Administration Expired2011-Jan-14
University of Victoria
Masters in Public HistoryWithdrawn2016-Mar-31
Masters of ManagementWithdrawn2019-Jul-04
University of the Cumberlands
Application to use the word "University"Withdrawn2023-Jun-16
Masters in Global Business and BlockchainWithdrawn2023-Jun-16
Masters of Information TechnologyWithdrawn2023-Jun-16
University of the Fraser Valley
Bachelor of Early Childhood EducationDenied2013-Mar-18
Bachelor of Professional CommunicationDenied2019-Jun-12
Bachelor of Professional CommunicationWithdrawn2019-Jul-08
Bachelor of Professional CommunicationWithdrawn2020-Mar-25
Bachelor of Science, Major in Biochemistry Denied2017-Sep-12
Master of Arts in Migration and CitizenshipDenied2018-Dec-13
Master of FinanceDenied2019-Feb-03
Master of Integrated Science and TechnologyDenied2019-Jun-12
Upper Iowa University
Application to use the word "University"Denied2007-Apr-11
Bachelor of Science, Business Administration majorDenied2007-Apr-11
Vancouver Animation School
Bachelor of Arts in Character AnimationWithdrawn2013-Jul-09
Vancouver Community College
Bachelor of Applied Science in Dental HygieneDenied2019-Oct-18
Vancouver Island University
Master of Arts in Community-Based Cultural PracticeWithdrawn2020-Apr-28
Master of Arts in International Development Administration and ManagementDenied2017-Sep-19
Visual College of Art and Design
Bachelor of Applied Arts in Graphic DesignWithdrawn2019-Sep-04
Western Community College
Bachelor of Hospitality ManagementWithdrawn2019-Oct-16
Western Town College
Bachelor of Business AdministrationWithdrawn2009-Jul-06
World Trade University
International Masters of Business Administration in World Trade (IMBA-WT)Withdrawn2008-Feb-11
Yorkville University
Bachelor of Business AdministrationExpired2021-Aug-17
Master of Business Administration Withdrawn2020-May-22
Masters of Business AdministrationWithdrawn2017-Oct-02