Report Date: 2024-Feb-27
Applications Under Review

    InstitutionSubmissionClosing Date for Public Comment
    Alexander College
    Associate of Arts2024-Mar-02Add Comment
    Columbia College
    Associate of Science Degree2024-Mar-08Add Comment
    Associate of Arts Degree2024-Mar-08Add Comment
    Northeastern University
    Master of Science in Health Informatics2024-Mar-22Add Comment
    Simon Fraser University
    Master of Engineering in Sustainable Energy Engineering2024-Mar-14Add Comment
    The Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine
    Bachelor of Naturopathic Medicine2024-Mar-22Add Comment
    University of the Fraser Valley
    Post-baccalaureate Diploma 2024-Mar-02Add Comment
    Vancouver Community College
    Diploma2024-Mar-02Add Comment
    Diploma2024-Mar-02Add Comment
    Whitecliffe College
    Master of Creative Arts Therapy2024-Feb-28Add Comment
    Yorkville University
    Bachelor of Business Administration2024-Mar-21Add Comment

    InstitutionSubmissionClosing Date for Public Comment
    Acsenda School of Management
    Bachelor of Business Administration with Concentrations2024-Feb-17
    Adler University
    Application to use the word "university"2024-Feb-02
    British Columbia Institute of Technology
    Master of Science in Applied Computing2023-Aug-30
    Master of Science in Ecological Restoration2023-Dec-14
    Camosun College
    Bachelor of Science Dental Hygiene (BScDH) 2023-Dec-03
    Early Learning and Care2010-Apr-25
    Post Degree Diploma in Business Administration, with options2012-Aug-17
    Capilano University
    Bachelor of Environment and Society2023-Feb-22
    Bachelor of Science with a Major in Applied Clean Technology 2021-Mar-26
    Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Governance, Policy and Justice2022-Nov-20
    Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Writing & Literature2023-Jul-01
    City University of Seattle
    Application to use the word "university"2023-Apr-19
    Master of Education School Counselling2022-Dec-14
    Bachelor of Arts in Management2023-Oct-27
    Coast Mountain College
    Practical Nursing Access Program2017-Nov-01
    College of New Caledonia
    Medical Laboratory Technologist Diploma2007-Jul-21
    Medical Radiography Technology Diploma2010-Sep-03
    Coquitlam College
    Associate of Arts Degree2023-Feb-05
    Fairleigh Dickinson University
    Bachelor of Science in Information Technology2023-Oct-05
    Kwantlen Polytechnic University
    Bachelor of Traditional Chinese Medicine2023-Dec-01
    LaSalle College Vancouver (formerly the Art Institute of Vancouver)
    Bachelor of Applied Design in Interior Design2023-Nov-05
    Bachelor of Design in Fashion Design2023-Nov-09
    Native Education College
    Associate of Arts in Indigenous Studies2022-Jan-20
    New York Institute of Technology
    Master of Science in Data Science2022-Nov-13
    North Island College
    Diploma, Culinary Business Operations2018-Dec-21
    Advanced Diploma, Culinary Business Operations2018-Dec-21
    Coastal Forest Worker Certificate2019-Apr-17
    Computer Information Systems Certificate2020-Jan-17
    DIGITAL Design + Development Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) 2021-May-28
    Pre-Health Science2023-Jan-05
    Post Degree Diploma in Global Business Management2012-Oct-30
    Advanced Certificate in Global Tourism & Hospitality Management2013-Jun-21
    Advanced Diploma in Global Tourism & Hospitality Management2013-Jun-21
    Aboriginal Leadership Certificate2018-Apr-26
    Aquaculture Technician Diploma2018-Oct-11
    Northeastern University
    Application to use the word "university"2023-Sep-27
    Master of Science in Computer Science2023-Sep-27
    Northern Lights College
    Associate of Arts Degree (Health Studies)2019-Aug-08
    Associate of Arts Degree (Alaska Highway Consortium on Teacher Education)2011-Jul-10
    Post-Degree Diploma in Business Management for International Students2012-Jan-21
    Business Management -Specialization in Information Technology; Specialization in Health Administration2014-Jul-26
    Associate of Arts Degree (Pre-Nursing)2015-Apr-19
    Archaeology Diploma2016-Feb-18
    Executive Assistant Diploma2017-May-30
    Land and Water Resources Diploma2018-Feb-28
    Okanagan College
    Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Operations Management2022-Aug-07
    Post-Baccalaureate Diploma Video Game Design2023-Jul-01
    Community Support Certificate2023-Jul-02
    Associate Degree of Science: Combined Emphasis in Physics and Mathematics2023-Jul-21
    Selkirk College
    Digital Fabrication and Design Diploma2020-Jul-02
    Associate Certificate2021-Aug-04
    Culinary Management Diploma2012-Jun-13
    Rural Health Focus2014-Apr-10
    Simon Fraser University
    Bachelor of Arts, Urban Worlds Major2024-Feb-18
    Thompson Rivers University
    Application Qualified for Expedited Review2023-Jul-23
    Master of Engineering Science 2023-May-31
    Regenerative Agriculture Certificate and Diploma2023-Jul-07
    Architectural and Engineering Technology (ARET) Diploma2023-Nov-25
    Trinity Western University
    International Master of Business Administration2023-Feb-08
    MA in Educational Studies (Inclusive Education)2024-Jan-19
    MA in Educational Studies (Inclusive Education)2024-Feb-22
    Bachelor of Arts in Game Development2024-Feb-03
    University Canada West (UCW)
    Master of Marketing2023-Apr-20
    Master of Entrepreneurship2023-Apr-09
    Bachelor of Arts in Business Communication2023-Oct-07
    Bachelor of Commerce2023-Oct-07
    Application to use the word "university"2023-Dec-02
    Associate of Arts Degree2023-Oct-07
    Master of Business Administration2023-Dec-02
    University of British Columbia
    Doctor of Philosophy in Genetic and Genomic Counselling2023-May-31
    Bachelor of Science in Food and Resource Economics2024-Feb-18
    University of Northern BC
    Graduate Certificate in Change Leadership2024-Jan-03
    University of the Fraser Valley
    1. Post-baccalaureate diploma in International Business2023-Apr-09
    Post-baccalaureate diploma in Business Analytics2023-Apr-09
    Journalism Minor, BA2024-Feb-22
    Vancouver Community College
    Certificate Jewellery Art & Design2020-Dec-04
    Optician Diploma2022-Feb-06
    Automotive Parts & Service Technology2023-Oct-21
    Speech and Hearing Support Personnel Program2015-Feb-07
    Denturist Sciences2018-Mar-29