Ministry of Advanced Education

Study Abroad

Awards offered by post-secondary institutions in B.C.

Many post-secondary institutions in British Columbia make scholarships, bursaries and other financial awards available for students to study abroad as part of their academic program. To find out more about these awards, students can contact the financial aid office or the study abroad office of the post-secondary institution where they are enrolled.

Awards available through the Province of B.C.

  • Irving K. Barber British Columbia International Scholarship Programs
  • One World Scholarship
  • Pacific Horizons Scholarship

Awards available through Canadian government programs

The Government of Canada offers awards for Canadians and, in certain cases, for permanent residents of Canada to study and/or do research in China, Commonwealth countries, Organization of American States member states and other countries.

More information can be found in the International Scholarship Programs section of the Department of Foreign Affairs website or by contacting the Canadian Bureau for International Education at:

Canadian Bureau for International Education
DFAIT International Scholarship Programs
Suite 1550, 220 Laurier Ave. West
Ottawa, ON K1P 5Z9
Phone: 613 237-4820
Fax: 613 237-1073

Awards offered by other countries and institutions

Students from British Columbia who wish to study abroad may be eligible for financial awards offered by governments and institutions in the country where they choose to study. Students can contact the embassies or consulates of those countries in B.C. and elsewhere in Canada for further information.

Students may also wish to contact government departments responsible for post-secondary education in the country where they plan to study, to inquire about financial awards and assistance programs.

  • Chinese Government Scholarship
  • The Killiam Fellowships Program