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Chinese Government Scholarship Program

Students from British Columbia have the opportunity to study at a Chinese university on scholarships from the Chinese Government.

In British Columbia, the Ministry of Advanced Education, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, administers the recruitment of students and the routine management of the Chinese Government Scholarship Program.

Students who study abroad gain valuable exposure to Chinese language, culture and business practices, as well as a chance to develop enriching life-long relationships across the Pacific.

The scholarships are provided to graduating secondary school students and students enrolled in post-secondary studies in undergraduate, master's and doctoral degree programs. Full and partial scholarships are available.

The language of instruction is primarily Chinese but a limited number of programs are offered in English.

There is an allowance for remedial Chinese language support for successful applicants who are not proficient in the language and who are not applying for the Chinese language study program. Eligibility criteria, application procedures, application form and further information about the Chinese Government Scholarship Program are contained in the application package.

Chinese Government Scholarship Application Procedures (PDF)

Application Deadline for the 2016 Academic Year

The deadline for receiving applications for the 2016 academic year (commencing September 2016) is
February 29, 2016.

Notification of Scholarship Winners

The Ministry of Advanced Education will notify successful candidates.

The final decision of program term is at the discretion of the Chinese Government.