Ministry of Advanced Education

Private Career Training

The Student Training Completion Fund is established under the Private Career Training Institutions Act, and provides consumer protection to students enrolled in programs at institutions registered with the Private Career Training Institutions Agency (PCTIA).

The fund is administered by the PCTIA to help students who are unable to complete their training programs because the registered institution they were attending has closed. In such an event, students can make a claim against the fund, for the completion of their studies at another institution, or for a refund of the unearned portion of their tuition.

The Student Training Completion Fund is a mechanism for tuition protection. The fund is financed by private career training institutions. Private institutions make a start-up contribution to the fund at the time of their initial registration with the PCTIA.

In addition, registered institutions make ongoing monthly contributions to the fund based on 1% to.4% of their tuition revenue, determined by whether the institution is registered or accredited and by the length of time with no suspensions or cancelations.

Previously, the Private Post-secondary Education Commission (PPSEC) provided tuition protection by requiring private post-secondary institutions to post financial security, which could be a surety bond, letter of credit or cash deposit. The Student Training Completion Fund will ensure more effective and timely compensation to students of registered institutions.

For information on contributions to the Student Training Completion Fund, or how to go about making a claim against the fund, please contact the PCTIA at:

203 - 1155 West Pender St
Vancouver, BC
V6E 2P4

Phone: 604-569-0033 or Toll-free: 1-800-661-7441
Fax: 778-945-0606