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Private institutions that offer career-related training programs with at least 40 hours of instruction and at least $1,000 in tuition costs are required to register with the Private Career Training Institutions Agency (PCTIA). Career-related programs are generally defined as those programs offering training leading toward an occupation listed in Human Resources Development Canada's National Occupational Classification, with the exception of ministers of religion and other religious occupations.

Private institutions that do not offer career-related programming, or whose programs do not meet the requirements of duration and cost, may register with the PCTIA voluntarily. All institutions registered with the PCTIA must meet the same legislative and regulatory requirements. All registered institutions, must participate and contribute to the Student Training Completion Fund. The Student Training Completion Fund helps students if their registered institution closes before their program is complete. The fund ensures students can either complete their training at another institution or receive a tuition refund.

A list of registered institutions is maintained by the PCTIA, and is available on their website.

Institutions Registered with the Private Post-secondary Education Commission (PPSEC)

The Private Career Training Institutions Act came into force on November 22, 2004. All institutions registered with PPSEC at that time continue to be registered with the PCTIA until their registration certificates expire. Institutions excluded from the scope of the registration requirement, such as institutions providing only language training, have the option to continue registration with the PCTIA until their registration certificates expire, or to discontinue registration immediately. Institutions that discontinue registration will have their bond or other type of financial security released at that time.

For more information concerning PCTIA registration, please contact the PCTIA directly at:

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Local: 604-569-0033
Toll-free: 1-800-661-7441
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