Ministry of Advanced Education

Post-secondary Data and Interactive Reporting

Data collected from past and present students, and post-secondary institutions assists in understanding the successes and needs of the education system so the province can continue to offer high quality education.

Post-secondary Data Warehouse

The Central Data Warehouse contains data about student demographics, programs, credentials, and more for 21 public post-secondary institutions in B.C.

Student Outcomes Surveys

This annual survey collects information from former students 9 to 20 months after they complete all, or a significant portion, of their post-secondary programs.

Student Transitions Project

The Student Transitions Project links data about students in the B.C. public post-secondary education system with their kindergarten to Grade 12 information.

Education Costs

Affordable higher education for both students and taxpayers. Find information on B.C. tuition fees, tuition policy, and student loan debt.

Enrolment Data

Student Full Time Equivalents (FTEs) are used to measure student enrolment in public post-secondary institutions. A student taking a full-time course load counts as one FTE, and a student taking a part-time course load counts as less than one FTE.

Open Data

Open data gives citizens access to the information collected by government in a way that allows them to easily explore, analyze and engage with the information.

Interactive Reporting

This interactive tool allows you to filter by student headcount, academic year and credentials awarded by academic, fiscal and calendar year.