Ministry of Advanced Education

Prior Learning Assessment


PLA allows students to earn credit toward a course or program offered by a post-secondary institution if they can demonstrate, through a systematic and valid assessment process, that the learning is equivalent to that which normally would be acquired through conventional study at the post-secondary level.

Resources for Students

All British Columbia public post-secondary institutions offer PLA services to their students, though not necessarily in every program. For further information, consult the institution's academic calendar, or contact individual departments or the Student Advising Centre at the institution.

Learning completed in foreign countries or the private sector can be used to gain advanced standing in a public post-secondary educational program, or to satisfy a credential requirement for employment. An important service in this area is the International Credential Evaluation Service (ICES), operated by the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

ICES conducts Foreign Credential Assessment, the analysis of educational course work completed in other countries, for the purpose of determining its BC or Canadian equivalent and what educational credits should be granted. Individuals seeking employment in a provincially regulated occupation, admission to or advanced standing in an educational program or general employment can have their foreign education properly recognized through ICES. ICES also assists employers who were previously unable to evaluate international credentials for recruitment purposes.

Resources for Instructors and PLA Practitioners

Below are selected resources for instructors and practitioners.

PLA Theory, Practice, and Policy

PLA Resources

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