Ministry of Advanced Education

Accountability Framework

The Ministry, in consultation with public post-secondary institutions, has developed a results-based Accountability Framework for the public post-secondary system. The framework, which was implemented with the 2003/04 fiscal year, has two purposes:

  • To benefit students by ensuring they receive quality education and educational opportunities relevant to their needs and the needs of the labour market.
  • To benefit all residents of the province by ensuring the public post-secondary system's ongoing contribution to social and economic development.

Key Data Sources

The Accountability Framework uses several key data sources, most of which are already collected, including: the Student Transitions Project; the post-secondary Central Data Warehouse; Student Outcomes surveys; enrolment reports of student FTEs; and administrative systems of the public post-secondary institutions. For a more complete listing and description of these sources, please see the following:

Key Sources of Data for Accountability Framework Performance Measures, 2015/16 [PDF]

Standards Manual

A key component of the Accountability Framework is the performance measures established to assess the achievement of goals and objectives. The Standards Manual provides definitions and specifications for each of the Accountability Framework performance measures, detailed information about the data sources that will be relied upon for performance information and the level of detail required in reports. The Standards Manual enables the public post-secondary institutions and the Ministry to fully understand their roles and responsibilities for data collection and reporting.

Accountability Framework Standards Manual 2015/16 [PDF]

Institutional Accountability Plans and Reports

Under the Accountability Framework, public post-secondary institutions in British Columbia prepare institutional accountability plans and reports. Click below for links to the reports.

Institutional accountability plans and reports