Ministry of Advanced Education

Quality Assurance Framework Green Paper | Education Quality Assurance (EQA)

The Green Paper on the Quality Assurance Framework for B.C.'s post-secondary institutions responds to feedback from more than 100 submissions in 2012. It outlines the proposed framework to support continual improvement in the post-secondary education sector.

To maintain B.C.'s competitive advantage and leadership position in providing quality post-secondary education, the quality assurance framework outlined in this Green Paper sets out fundamental requirements for change.

Key components of this model include:

  1. Streamlining Processes for assessing institutional eligibility for the StudentAid BC designation, Education Quality Assurance designation and to enrol international students.
  2. Respecting Existing Good Practice to allow institutions with mature quality assessment policies and practices to gain increased autonomy over program quality assessment and realize cost savings from less external oversight by the quality assurance governing body.
  3. Enhancing the Student Experience by providing students with the information they need to make good educational choices, making it easier to address their concerns about the quality of education and safeguarding tuition in the event of institutional closure.
  4. Strategic System Development to ensure that a broad range of educational choices and opportunities are available to learners at various stages of their lives.

What is the purpose of this round of consultation?

This round of consultation ended on April 12, 2013, and gathered stakeholder input on the implementation process. The results will inform policy direction and required changes to legislation.

We thank you for your participation; it will help to ensure a smooth transition to the new Quality Assurance Framework when it is phased in later this year.