Ministry of Advanced Education

Degree Authorization

Institutional Closures and Sanctions

Institutional sanctions

Council of Natural Medicine College of Canada / Shanghai TCM College of BC Canada Ltd – Temporary Injunction
Vancouver University Worldwide – Injunction against-May 1, 2007
Rutherford University – Inspection

Institutional closures

Lansbridge University – closed on May 1, 2007
Upper Iowa University – closed on April 11, 2007

If your institution closes

If you are studying at an institution that closes, your best option is to continue your studies at another institution offering similar courses and programs. Contact other institutions to see if you are able to transfer any or all of their credits. It is up to the receiving institution to decide if your credits are transferable.

Check the B.C. Council on Admissions and Transfer for information on institutions in the B.C. transfer system.

Under the Degree Authorization Act, institutions that are closing must refund students’ tuition for courses that were paid in advance but not delivered by the institution. For information on private career training institutions that have been suspended or closed, refer to the Private Career Training Institutions Agency website.