Ministry of Advanced Education

Budget and Mandate Letters

Budget Letters

Every year, the Ministry provides the public post-secondary institutions with budget letters that outline the student enrolment targets and operating budget allocations to support targeted programs and priority issues for the coming fiscal year. The 2016/17 budget documents detailing each institution's FTE targets and operating transfers are available below.

Mandate Letters for Public Post-Secondary Institutions 2016/17

In June 2014 the Government announced that provincial public sector organizations will operate under new Taxpayer Accountability Principles: cost consciousness (efficiency), accountability, appropriate compensation, service, respect, and integrity. An annual Mandate Letter signed by all board members is one of the requirements under the Principles. The Mandate Letter replaces the previous Government’s Letter of Expectations.

Public post-secondary institutions have signed the 2016/17 Mandate Letter to affirm their commitment to take the Taxpayer Accountability Principles into account in carrying out their institution mandate.  The Mandate Letters also include strategic priorities for Government in 2016/17.

The original signed letters are on file.

Overall goals and objectives for the Ministry are identified in the annual ministry service plan.

All letters are provided in PDF format. PDF files are viewable with Adobe Acrobat Reader software.

Reporting Requirements

As referenced in the Mandate Letters, this document lists the Ministry of Advanced Education’s reporting requirements for BC's public post-secondary institutions due in fiscal year 2016/17.