Ministry of Advanced Education

Post-Secondary Sector Administrative Service Delivery Transformation

The Ministry and all public post secondary institutions are collaboratively implementing administrative efficiencies, including shared procurement, to achieve

  • sharing of best practices,
  • cost savings, and
  • enhanced quality of services provided to the province.

Our goal is two-fold: to find administrative efficiencies, while protecting and maximizing our investments in students’ education.

For details about the Administrative Service Delivery Transformation Initiative, see Key Messages and Questions and Answers.

The first phase was the Opportunity Assessment Phase from June 2012 to February 2013. The Ministry engaged Deloitte Inc., one of Canada’s leading professional service firms, to identify potential opportunities and deliver an assessment of likely costs, benefits and implications. See the Deloitte Report.

The next phase is the Implementation Phase initiated in March 2013 to develop business cases to support implementing selected opportunities.